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During this 2016 election cycle people want to discuss politics with Birthright.  They are surprised, and often annoyed that we won’t discuss politics at all.  Politics are about various issues and Birthright is never about issues, it’s about a person’s needs.  Our care is individualized to the person we are assisting.  If someone wants to talk about an issue, in this case abortion, I ask them to tell me what the person is confronted with. If they can give me some information about the person, then I will do all I can to help.

You see, it’s easy to make statements about an issue, and even easier to judge someone who is faced with the issue.  However, at Birthright, we look past the issue, and look deeply at the person in need.  Rarely is an abortion decision made lightly.  It is usually made when a person no longer has the hope, support or resources they need to have their baby.  Birthright is ready and willing to step in and provide these needs for as long as necessary.

While there is a time and place to discuss issues, and good people out there fighting for them, it is never Birthright’s place.  Birthright is on the front lines, with women and men faced with this issue.  We are a quiet door of hope, a safe haven, where people can come, ask questions, and receive support without fear of being judged.


Birthright: Offering Love, Hope, and Support since 1973.

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