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Abortion Pill Reversal: What If I Change My Mind?

Care,News & Updates / April 27, 2021

Abortion Pill Reversal: What If I Change My Mind? A guest post by Rachel K., Guest Writer _ _ _ _ _ When faced with the reality of an unplanned pregnancy, women are faced with the difficult decision surrounding options of parenting, adoption or abortion. Many times this decision can be overwhelming due to questions, […]

A Happy Ending

Care,client stories / March 31, 2021

Whom We Serve: A Happy Ending for Heather* This is the first in a four-part series of articles originally published in our print newsletter. You may download the full Spring 2021 newsletter here.   “I just can’t take on anything else” is a common theme in the stories that clients bring to Birthright. The COVID-19 […]

Laura Johenning

Whom We Serve: Laura’s Story

Care,client stories,programs / June 26, 2020

Whom We Serve: Laura’s Story This is the first in a three-part series of articles originally published in our print newsletter. You may download the full Summer 2020 newsletter here.   By Laura Johenning I was a single mom of a baby boy years ago. I was young, and at first I did not think […]

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Facing a Giant

Facing a Giant YOU DID IT! You donated diapers and wipes and blessed this community in a big way! Partnering with organizations in Harford county, we were able to distribute a total of 474 packs of diapers and 200 packs to wipes during 4 food giveaways. We could not have done this without your support! […]

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2017 Annual Appeal Letter

Care,programs,Uncategorized / December 8, 2017

2017 Annual Appeal for Giving Dear Birthright Friend, I humbly come to you with our annual appeal letter. I feel so strongly about the Birthright ministry and the important work God is doing through our volunteers. I wish you could look into the eyes of each person who comes to Birthright for help. In spite […]

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Always A Parent

Care / April 25, 2017

Always a Parent In May we celebrate Mother’s Day, and in June we celebrate Father’s Day. This is a joyous opportunity to tell our mother and father how much they mean to us. While this is a great day of remembrance, it is also a difficult day for the mother and father who are without […]

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Step by Step

Care / March 17, 2017

Step by Step While pregnancy and their related issues are the objective of the Birthright ministry, our volunteers see and do so much more. Volunteers see clients on a regular basis who deal with issues of abortion, rape, abuse, addiction, homeless, jobless, and limited education. Some have mental and/or physical disabilities, sexually transmitted disease, speak […]